Character Notes: 

Joshua: Missing home in the Seattle suburbs, Joshua can't help but feel out of place in their new surroundings. But a mysterious voice in the night calling his name begins to lead him on a search for its source that will change his life forever. 

Brooke: Brooke feels strongly about injustice, and so whenever something's wrong, she feels it deeply. Incredibly intuitive, she sometimes senses trouble around the corner before it's even upon them.

Piper: The Clay's adopted, youngest daughter, Piper, is a bookworm always ready for an adventure. Her mind for details and knack for sleuthing historical facts can be aggravating to her siblings, but begins to pay off when Josh receives the mysterious envelope from Ms. Belle and Piper begins helping unravel the town's 150-year-old mystery. 

Cameron: After losing his job and having the bank foreclose on their house, Cameron moved the family to the old homestead property outside the small coastal town of Jacob's Landing, Washington. In spite of his rough past of running from trouble—or rather because of it—Cameron holds to his belief that God is working something for good out of all the chaos.

Linda: More comfortable in the outdoors than her husband, Linda doesn't mind their new home in the woods. Ever the optimist, still Linda is unsettled by her husband losing his job and losing their home in Seattle. But time will tell where her security lies. 

Ms. Belle: This timeless, eccentric owner of a small antique shop gives the kids a mysterious envelope addressed to their ancestor, Benjamin Clay. Then, just as suddenly, she vanishes. 

Ethan: As a loner at school and coming home to an abusive father, Ethan found solitude in his sketches. But when his father is found dead, Ethan is torn between sadness, guilt, and relief. No one but he knows that his art book holds a clue that can help solve his father's mysterious death—but it's not at all what Ethan thinks it is. 

Steve: Working as the postmaster in Jacob's Landing has its advantages—you get to know everyone in town, and you can also keep an eye on them. Steve's family line goes back as far as the Clay's, and he believes that Sir Francis Drake buried part of his treasure from the 1500s somewhere close by, and he will stop at nothing to find it.

JB: Works a fishing boat on the reservation alongside his friend and mentor, Silas. But when JB's life is interrupted by an otherworldly visitor, his world is turned upside down, and he is forced to reconcile with mysteries of his past regarding who his biological father is. 

Julia: Sweet, polite nineteen-year-old Julia works at the local diner as a waitress, living paycheck to paycheck. Her relationship with her boyfriend, JB, is on the rocks, and their pregnancy will shape their values and test their loyalty to one another. 

Silas: While many in Jacob's Landing have forgotten about the great injustice that was done to his people, Silas carries it in his blood. After a brutal upbringing, this war veteran returned home feeling bitter and hopeless—especially living with Jacob's Landing's racial prejudice—and turned to drugs and alcohol. But now he has found some peace by returning to the ways of his ancestors, his God, and by looking for hope and healing for him and his people. He likes to be left alone and doesn’t wear his problems on his sleeve—but they do show occasionally in his countenance. 

Matt: 14 year old Native American, soft-spoken but not shy, sits in the back of the class, thinks deeply, intelligent. For escape he goes for swims to get away from his family but he’s still loyal to them. Something is beginning to stir in him, he’s starting to see more than the ordinary.

Joe: Single, Moved to Jacobs Landing from New York. The diner is his life. Gruff on the outside but a heart of gold.

Earl: Family lived in Jacob’s Landing for generations and has familiar sentiments about the original inhabitants of Harbor County.

Hank: Harbor County local who knows exactly what’s out there.  A paranormal “Bigfoot” sighting he and others had in the woods long ago shaped his life and worldview.

Sheriff Cole: Been the Sheriff in this small town for years, knows just about everyone.  Logical in his dealings and thoughts about “What’s out there” in the woods and the strange things that have happened before.

Deputy Dwayne: More naive in his way of thinking.  Superstitious, has his own speculations on the mystery.

Warning! Character notes may contain spoilers